News & Events

Competitions play an important role in students’ life as their confidence gets a tremendous boost when they showcase their talent. All faculty members are always on their toes to encourage every participant in their endeavours. We always stress on team spirit as it leads them on the path of victory and when results are not favourable to accept defeat with grace, Inter house competition, yoga, physical training, culinary art etc are a regular feature in the School time table in which students of all age groups participate with immense vigour and enthusiasm. The whole atmosphere of the school is filled with exhilaration & thrill on such days.

The next in the league were the aerobics competition ‘BOUNCE OF HEALTH’ and Yoga competition ‘YOG PRAYOG’ which was organised understanding the importance of these activities, especially in the lockdown. The mystic performance of the students while performing yogic mudras was enchanting and energetic.

During lockdown also, students enthusiastically participated in many activities which exhibited our young learners’ passion for the subject, a strong grip of the content and also exhibited their strong bonding and connection to the school.

Science Exhibitions are held in the month of July every year to foster scientific temperament and develop curiosity among our students. We give our budding innovators a platform to showcase various projects and working models built on their understanding of scientific concepts and integrating their knowledge to find creative solutions to daily life problems.

Foundation Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on 17 th August every year to commemorate the day on which the foundation of the school was laid by Shri T.I. John. On this day number of cultural events and competitions are organised in which students showcase their talent.

Annual function is another highlight in the school planner. We believe that complete education is achieved when students focus on academics as well as they indulge themselves in various co curricular activities. This helps them to develop their social skills, organizational skills, develop confidence which in turn improves their academic performance.

One of the most awaited event of the year are Outdoor trips and EXCURSIONS which are organized in the month of November or December where students get a hands-on learning in an open environment and observe new things that are not available in school, such that rare and exotic wildlife and plants, different cultures and tours/visits to iconic buildings and areas.