Core Team

Late Mr T.I. John
Founder President

Education has always been the primary focus of progressive civilizations that have contributed to the welfare of the human race providing

meaningful education to the children so as to shape them into contributing citizens is a concern equally shared by the parents and the educators.
Educating children is a complex responsibility which calls for the commitment of multifaceted people who can balance the unstoppable technological growth of this century with time tested traditions and values to arrive at that magical balance that can nurture the leaders of tomorrow.
May Lord Almighty be the guiding spirit behind every endeavour of this great institution!

Ms. A. John

In this ever changing and fast evolving socio-economic structure around the world, it is very important for the coming generations to be

versatile and dynamic. It is the foremost responsibility of the educationists, parents and the society to provide the infrastructure conducive to the holistic development of the children. The schools must diligently work towards nurturing the students to help them realise their true potential. Parental participation is equally vital to the wholesome childhood. Wishing very fulfilling school years and educational experience to all the beloved students!

Mr Joseph John

I welcome you to the virtual interface with St. John’s Schools. As the St. John’s Group of schools celebrates the ever increasing feathers in our

p>cap with our students not only flourishing in their career but also proving themselves as loving and responsible individuals in all their roles, I thank all and everyone who contributed to this objective. The school is committed to provide state of the art infrastructure and proactive guidance to the students for their holistic development which is particularly critical during this competitive and challenging era.

Mrs Sonia Joseph

Learning is the only purpose of life, learning to explore, to experiment, to accept, to choose right and to discard wrong, learning to share

and give and learning to know oneself and the others. This most important art of ‘learning to learn’ is what the basic purpose of education is. As educationists, it is a great responsibility to be a role model and guide to the young minds that we are constantly working with.

Mrs Aparna Gautam Panda

The society, nation and civilisation has always been dependent on the educationists for cultural, civic and knowledge evolution.

This is not a field of mere professionals but of those passionate beings who love to grow with the growing minds. Let us all join hands and work towards the singular goal of making the coming generations better evolved than us.