Day 1: Morning Assembly-Yoga for all & Activities of Fitness and Nutrition for students and staff

Conducted on 13 November, 2019

Mass participation by students of different classes in yoga. Students did this activity with full josh and enthusiasm.Various yoga asanas were done by them like tadasana, bhujangasanas, vrikshasana and breathing exercises etc.

Day 2: Free Hand Exercise

Conducted on 18 November, 2019

Mental Fitness activity was conducted for classes V-VI. Various free hand exercises were done. Lecture was given to them on fitness by senior psychologist in our school.

Day 3: Fitness Assessment through Khelo India App & Poster making competition on theme – “Fit Body- Fit Mind -Fit Environment”

Conducted on-19 November,2019

Poster making competition was held on 19th Nov. 2019 in school premises in which 250 students of classes VI-VIII participated. Fitness assessment through Khelo India App was held on 19th Nov 2019 in school premises in which 200 students of classes III – V participated.

Day4: Physical activities & Essay writing Competition

Conducted on: 20 November, 2019

Physical activities like dance, yoga and aerobics for all students were conducted. Essay writing competition was also conducted for classes XI -XII on the theme “Fit India School”

Day5: Fitness

Conducted on: 21 November, 2019

Our school conducted various fitness exercises for students of different classes (III – X) like warming up , calisthenics etc. Students did this activity with full josh and enthusiasm.

Day6: Traditional/Indigenous/Regional Games

Conducted on : 22 November,2019

The school organized an indigenous game from Partner state 2. Our partner state was Telangana. So we had Palli Patti(Pitthu) game cum competition. All students participated with great enthusiasm.